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Online Reputation Management

//Online Reputation Management
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ORM Explained


Online reputation management has become a rising concern amongst companies in 2018. Users are starting to pivot towards consumer reviews rather than relying on their marketing content and trusting the company. Have you ever searched yourself or your company online only the see something negative on Page 1? Maybe you are suffering from negative reviews from disgruntled customers or previous employees. Time to stop worrying, your online reputation consultant is here to help.

Americans spend an average of 24 hours a week online. That is one entire day you lose a week, just staring at your electronics!

Since consumers enjoy browsing the websites they also enjoy expressing their feelings with the general public as a way to vent without being “judged”.

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What do Reputation Specialists do?


Online reputation management is much more complicated than what most think. But after a quick analysis and site audit, our specialists will construct a plan perfectly catered for your company (or even yourself as an individual). Our FREE CONSULTATION will disclose the relative timeframe to clean up your searches. Solutions typically take roughly 3-6 months depending on the situation and amount of damage.

By publishing neutral newsworthy content you can sit back and watch your negative press fall further and further back on Google’s pages.


Benefits of Online Reputation Management


As you may know, one negative article online is just as detrimental as a hundred when it comes to your bottom line and the amount of revenue generated. 90% of users base their buying decisions on Google Reviews. This is why customer satisfaction is so important in the 21st century.

There are many background reporting databases that only require a small fee and an internet connection where you can find personal and private information on anyone you wish.

If you are looking for a new job or house/apartment you need to know what is online about you before the people searching for you does. Our solution can have your background report removed from the Top 50 sites in a matter of one month! Sign up now.


Can I do this Myself?


Of course, there is always something you as an individual can accomplish to assist in bettering your online reputation. For starters, I would go through all social media accounts and ensure there is not personal information advertised. I great way to do this fast is to make each profile private. Another easy step to bettering your online reputation management yourself.

As for what is already out there… The only relatable topic that comes to mind is your car. Yes, you always have the option of fixing repairs yourself like a flat tire or performing an oil change. But wouldn’t you rather pay a professional who will handle the issue is a fraction of the time while you are free to continue life as normal.

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In Conclusion


Start by enabling alerts within Google. Another important and easy concept to remember while being online is to simply be cognitive of what you post or say. What you think is funny, could be extremely insensitive to another individual.

With that said just be smart about what you say online. Call us now for a FREE ANALYSIS of your site! 800-989-9136

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