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Suppression of Internet Defamation

//Suppression of Internet Defamation
Suppression of Internet Defamation

The Source

Internet defamation is a serious problem today. The main reason is that when sites are outside of a country’s jurisdiction it’s nearly impossible to take legal action against them.

Even when they are within your home country’s jurisdiction, lodging an Internet defamation case is time-consuming and expensive.

So how can Internet defamation be suppressed if it can’t be removed?

The Power Source of Internet Defamation

To begin with, you have to understand where the power of Internet defamation lies. The power is in the number of people who can see and access that story.

Anyone who has heard about the phenomenon of fake news knows that most people who see these search results on Google don’t care if it’s true. They automatically jump to conclusions, so staying quiet and hoping it disappears on its own is only going to harm your online reputation.

The answer is in suppression.

What is Internet Defamation Suppression?

Internet defamation suppression is a service offered by providers like Online Reputation Consultants. The idea behind it is to use the Google indexing system.

In other words, positive online content pushes down the negative online content and ranks above the offending content. This forces down the offending content until it’s no longer visible on the first page of Google.

Anything that doesn’t appear on the first page of Google is practically invisible, therefore the content can no longer harm your online reputation.

How Does it Work?

Suppression requires positive content to be in the right places. Simply publishing lots of blogs filled with positive content isn’t enough to get rid of defamatory content, particularly if it’s own an established website.

Content has to be posted on websites with a high domain authority ranking.

What this means in practice is that Google trusts the domain in question and will automatically rank that content higher for the chosen search term.

Rinse and repeat this process and slowly that negative content is forced off of the first page.

Does it Take Long to Accomplish?

The length of time it takes depends on where the defamatory content has been posted and in how many places. A single piece of content posted on a low-quality website will withdraw relatively quickly

But trying to dislodge ten results on reasonably respected websites takes time and effort. That’s why you need to manage your expectations when it comes to speed.

Is it Legal?

Yes! This is not black hat SEO. It’s simply using the mechanisms of Google to change the content people see when they search for a specific term.

Content suppression is not illegal and it won’t cause you any retribution from Google.

That’s why it’s such an innovative strategy.

Last Word – Don’t Sit Back

Take a proactive approach today by hiring a professional online reputation management company to help you out. Take advantage of their connections to ensure that defamatory content eradicated.   

Every day that passes only damages your good name more and more.

Do you have an online reputation problem due to defamatory content posted about you?

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