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Individual | While more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of their online reputation, this is equally important for individuals. Most of us have, at some point or another, shared something that we did not want to share online, and now struggle to get rid of it. While those are simple mistakes, and they are quite easy to fix, it is also possible that certain people might take it upon themselves to damage your good name.

You may own a business and have a disgruntled ex-employee. You may have had an intimate relationship with someone and things didn’t go as you have planned. You may simply have fallen victim to a random troll. Either way, this can be incredibly damaging to your personal and professional life.

Are you aware, for instance, of the importance of social media when it comes to job applications?

Social recruiting is now the norm – 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social to support their recruiting efforts. But social is no longer enough on its own. This year’s study delves into the various tools and practices recruiters utilize to target quality talent. Findings reveal that, much like marketers, recruiters showcase their employer brand and engage with candidates across many platforms.


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Individual Importance

This demonstrates just how important it is for individuals to ensure that the information that exists on the internet about them is positive, and paints them in a good light. We at Net Reputation can help you achieve this. We offer a variety of comprehensive, complete packages that help us fix your personal reputation, and to help you protect it, so that others only see the good when they Google Search your name.

How It's Done

1. Name Removal

We help you to remove your personal information, including name, from the internet so that you can protect your identity.

3. Fix Search Results

We look into what the search results about you are, and get to work on fixing those, so that only positive information remain.

2. Prevent Identity Theft

With all your personal data removed from the internet, you will have instant protection from identity theft.

4. Reduce Spam

Because your information will be removed from the internet, you will also be less likely to be a target for spammers.

Our Techniques and Strategies

Over the years, we have perfected a number of proven strategies and techniques. Additionally, we have built professional network relationships that have enabled us to remove thousands of pages from the internet. We also currently maintain a 10 million page database, which could all be removed.

Our goal is to make sure your personal reputation is protected and that you, yourself can engage in actions that improve your reputation.

66% of hiring managers said they would hold poor spelling and grammar against candidates.

These are the simple, often overlooked things. However, reputation management is always about two things. First, it is about getting rid of negative posts about you, usually made by third parties. Second, it is about you putting out positive information instead.

When you work with us, we will make sure that your personal reputation is properly protected. We can do this through:

Removal of Internet Slander

Removal of Internet Defamation

Mugshot Removal

Arrest Record Removal

College Student Clean Ups

Online Public Record Removal

Harmful Newspaper and Press Release Articles

Improve Reputation Online

Full Name Management and Protection

Protection Against Online Slander

Social Network Slander Removal

Social Network Privacy Protection

Fix Defamation of Character

Our goal is always to fully remove negative information about you from the internet. Where this is not possible, however, we will push things back so far down the search results, they may as well not be there at all.

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